How to Setup Fall Detection on Galaxy and Apple Smartwatches?

Peace of Mind at Your Wrist: How to Setup Fall Detection on Samsung Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch

Worried about a potential fall while staying active or going about your day? Smartwatch fall detection offers a valuable layer of safety for both Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch users. This handy feature can automatically detect a hard fall and initiate emergency procedures, providing peace of mind for yourself and loved ones. How to setup fall detection on your smartwatch is a simple process, taking just a few minutes to activate and customize based on your needs. Let’s explore how to easily set up this potentially life-saving feature on both popular smartwatches:

How to Setup Fall Detection on Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch:


  • Samsung Galaxy Watch (3, 4, 5, or 6 series)
  • Smartphone with Galaxy Wearable app installed
  • Emergency contacts with smartphones


1. Open the Galaxy Wearable App on your phone:

how to setup fall detection

2. Navigate to Safety and Emergency:

  • Scroll down and tap “Safety and emergency.”
how to setup fall detection

3. Enable Hard Fall Detection:

  • Toggle the switch next to “Hard fall detection.”
how to setup fall detection

4. Add Emergency Contacts (if not already set):

  • Tap “Emergency contacts.”
  • Select from existing contacts or create new ones.
  • Choose at least one contact for SOS calls and messages.
image 3

5. Customize Fall Detection Settings (Optional):

  • Tap “Hard fall detection” again.
  • When to Detect Falls: Choose “Always,” “During physical activity,” or “Only during workouts.”
  • Share Info with Emergency Contacts: Toggle to automatically send your location after a fall.
  • Emergency Call: Choose to automatically call emergency services (local number).

6. Understand the Limitations:

  • Fall detection may not detect all falls, especially soft ones.
  • It uses sensors and algorithms, which can be influenced by individual variations.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and take necessary precautions.

Additional Notes:

  • Ensure your watch has the latest software update.
  • Fall detection requires location services to be enabled.
  • Test the SOS feature after setup to ensure it works as expected.

I hope this expanded guide with images helps you easily set up Fall Detection on your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch! Remember, it’s a valuable safety feature but not a replacement for caution and responsible activity.

How to Setup Fall Detection on Apple Watch:


  • Apple Watch Series 4 or later (excluding Apple Watch SE)
  • iPhone 5s or later with iOS 13 or later


  1. Open the Watch App on your iPhone:
image 4
  1. Select “My Watch” at the bottom:
image 5
  1. Scroll down and tap “Emergency SOS”:
  2. Toggle “Fall Detection” to “On”:
image 6
  1. Choose activation preference:
  • Always On: Detects falls anytime you’re wearing the watch.
  • Only During Workouts: Detects falls only during tracked workouts.
smartwatch fall detection
  1. (Optional) Set Up Emergency Contacts:
  • Go to “Health” App on your iPhone.
  • Tap your profile picture in the top right corner.
  • Select “Medical ID”.
  • Tap “Edit” and update your information, including emergency contacts.
smartwatch fall detection
  1. Wear the Watch Snugly:
  • For accurate detection, ensure the watch fits snugly on your wrist without slipping.
  1. Emergency Response:
  • After detecting a fall, your watch vibrates and sounds an alarm.
  • An Emergency SOS slider appears. Slide it to automatically call emergency services and notify your emergency contacts.
  • If you’re okay, cancel the call by tapping “I’m OK”.

Important Notes:

  • Fall Detection isn’t perfect and may not detect all falls.
  • Keep your iPhone nearby for emergency calls.
  • Inform emergency contacts about potential notifications.
  • Consult your doctor before using Fall Detection if you have health concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about How to Setup Fall Detection on Smartwatches:


  • What smartwatches offer fall detection? – Currently, Apple Watch Series 4 and later (excluding SE) and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, 4, 5, and 6 support fall detection.
  • Does fall detection work perfectly? – No, it’s not foolproof. It may not detect all falls, and intense activities can trigger false alarms.
  • What happens when a fall is detected? – Both watches vibrate, sound an alarm, and display an alert. You can choose to call emergency services or dismiss the alert. If immobile, the watch may automatically call after a countdown.
  • Do I need an internet connection? – Yes, for emergency calls and contact notifications. Some watches use satellite SOS (Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone 14+) without cell or Wi-Fi in limited areas.
  • Are there any health concerns to consider? – Consult your doctor before using if you have health issues that could be impacted by falls.

Fall Detection on Samsung Galaxy Watch:

  • How to setup fall detection on Galaxy Watch? – Open Galaxy Wearable app > Watch settings > Safety and emergency > Hard Fall detection. Set emergency contacts in the app.
  • Can I choose when fall detection is active? – Yes, choose Always On, During Workouts, or Off.
  • What happens if I wear my watch loosely? – For accurate detection, wear the watch snugly on your wrist.

Fall Detection on Apple Watch:

  • How to setup fall detection on Apple Watch? – Open the Watch app > My Watch > Emergency SOS > Fall Detection. Choose activation (Always On or During Workouts). Set emergency contacts in Health App > Medical ID.
  • Can I adjust fall detection sensitivity? – No, sensitivity is not adjustable.
  • What if I accidentally trigger fall detection? – Calmly tap “I’m OK” on the alert or wait for the countdown to finish without swiping.


  • Should I rely solely on smartwatch fall detection for safety? – No, it’s an additional tool, not a replacement for responsible behavior and professional medical advice.
  • Are there any costs associated with fall detection? – No, it’s a free feature on both platforms.

In conclusion, how to setup fall detection on both Samsung Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch is a quick and straightforward process that can significantly enhance your personal safety. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can activate this potentially life-saving feature and gain valuable peace of mind knowing help is just a fall away. Remember, smartwatch fall detection is not a replacement for caution or professional medical advice, but it can serve as a crucial safeguard in case of an unexpected incident. So, take a few minutes today to enable this feature and empower yourself with an extra layer of security, whether you’re enjoying an active lifestyle or simply going about your daily routine.

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